I could never have envisioned that a game like Angry birds would be able to evolve into a somewhat engaging movie, but here we are with that exact result. While it’s not pushing any envelope or boundary in any meaningful way the Angry birds movie is a pleasant enough distraction, certainly more suited for the younger audience but not entirely without value for older audience members.The Angry Birds 2 Hindi Movie 2019

There’s a lot to be said for a movie that finds the heroes sneaking into a supposedly impregnable place dressed in a giant bird costume that suggests  a mascot you’d see at an especially shabby minor league ballpark, setting up a potentially bruising fistfight between them and a huge henchman, and resolving it with a break dance battle. 

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The Angry birds movie features quite a number of Alister in its voice cast, and everyone does a decent job at it including an interesting performance by sean penn consisting mostly of menacing grunts and odd noises. Narratively, the movie starts out pretty strong with its introduction of the various inhabitants on bird lsland but loses steam rather quickly and has virtually flatlined by the time the pigs show up on the island. Fortunately there’s a relatively interesting diversion where a number of birds go in search for the mighty eagle which gives the proceedings a much needed boost in the film’s second half.

The pigs and flightless birds have to set aside their differences to defeat a common enemv. A classic plot of a war movie spoof. 

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The movie also does a decent job in translating the gameplay mechanics into elements in the film, and the final reel,s mayhem and destruction truly mirror what goes on in the game. This is more than can be said of many video game adaptations. Coupled with the manic script by the simpsons alum jon vitti, and it’s certainly not difficult to find the movie an amusing one regardless of whether one is familiar with Angry birds franchise. It probably wouldn’t be enough to spawn a sequel and All honesty it shouldn’t and offers no deep viewer experience akin to inside out and its pixar alums, but it’s actually one of the more decent video game adaptations I have seen in years.

But as soon as the group arrives on eagle Island Angry birds 2 mostly tosses story, character and sense aside, and opts for a go for broke style of humor. The hoops our heroes Iump through become increasingly surreal and hilarious. 

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Highlights include a bit involving an attempt to steal an eagle’s id card at a urinal, and a break dance battle that comes out nowhere and is resolved in even stranger fashion. It is obvious that the Angry birds game and brand is past its prime, but the bright, colorful animation and a leave no pun behind script filled to the brim with terrible groaners wordplay is something I personally always appreciate in any film translates to quite an enjoyable if mindless cinematic experience. 

The plot picks up from the end of the last one, with red being hailed as hero for rescuing bird Island form the onslaught of the green pige, who live on an adjacent Island Now that he’s won the admiration of the other birds, red isn’t angry anymore, but the movie fills that particular vacuum by introducing a lanky bird with a feathered mane named Zeta leslie jones the leader of an ice covered third Island that begins attacking both the birds and the pigs. Zeta is tired of living in a glorified freezer, and begins the inevitable catapult war by lobbing a gigantic ice ball. In most cases, a sequel would either expand upon or regurgitate the previous setup, so one might expect yet another foray this time led by the first film’s hero red Jason Sudeikis and his former nemesis, the pig chieftain leonard (bill hader) into the new island. And that is exactly what happens. 

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There are a lot of the expected butt jokes and malaprops and sub- who’s on first exchanges, and all of the references to classic hollywood especially the james bond and Mission Impossible series the life Aquatic and the great escape, which appropriately starred a character nicknamed the cooler king. But things move along at such an agreeably fast clip particularly in the second half, when the mission gets underway that it’ll be a pleasurable experience for kids and adults a like. The goofier and more random the movie is the better it is and it certainly gets goofier and more random as it goes.